"We all have the tendency to make simple things difficult, but the spirit that abides within us achieves its own ends by making all difficult things simple."

-Manly Palmer Hall


You did it! You've managed to find probably the only personal webpage written in basic HTML that's still being updated! Out of all of the internet sites, you managed to stumble in here! Congratulations!

So what's this site all about?

Well, as is implied above, it's a personal website! You see, way back in another time, far, far away, before Facebook, Snap Chats, Instagrams, MySpace, and all those other social media networks, people who had an online presence in the 1990's had so via a personal website.

This old boy doesn't have any social media sites, and since I tend to be a bit of an eccentric relic, I figured my stamp on the internet would be by the way of an old timey webpage!

So you want to know a little more about the webmaster? Well alright then, I've been expressing my thoughts on webpages since 1996, under host such as Geocities, Xoom, Angelfire, and other providers over the years. Today, this site is hosted on Tripod.

I go by Moon Shadow online and in a few places off. I was born in 1980, and under some disciplines, I am considered a millennial, others might consider me a "gen X'er", other still have coined "xenial" for those born around my time. My memory kicks in around the mid 80's.

As for what I do for a living, I eat and sleep. I believe those are the only requirements to stay alive. But as for what I do to purchase said food and provide for my worldly self, well, like most, I have a job. A full time job. It's about as exciting as watching paint dry. As for what exactly I do, there's no since in going into it, knowing me, I'll be doing something else before long. That's me, I'm known to stick my fingers in many pies.

I love fairies, witches, and other fantasy art! I have many fairy statues and figurines scattered all over my home. I enjoy studying the Occult and mystical spirituality. I generally like things that are considered "pretty", and am generally not really "macho". I like butterflies, flowers, bumblebees, scenic views, long flowing skirts and dresses, pretty blouses and other tops, Mary Jane shoes, etc. If you're wondering if I'm gay, well, I try to be as happy, peaceful, and positive as possible. Sometimes it's hard though.

I've been married for about 16 years now (since May 16, 2003), we've got a daughter that's about to turn 20. We enjoy taking long rides around the region in which we live, which would be southwestern Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia. I enjoy amateur photography, and will post some of my favorite photos from out and about on this site.

We have five cats, each with their own unique personality, their names are Luna, Aquarius, Paisley, Sebastian, and Mama. Sebastian is the only boy cat, though he doesn't have any nuts, so I don't know if he counts as a boy cat anymore...

As for the two subjects that everybody obsesses over, politics and religion, I will say that I have no religion, though I'm not an Atheist, I just don't buy into "religion", as such I do not attend any church, nor am I interesting in doing so. As for politics, I can be best described as someone of Libertarian leanings.

Other than that, in my off time, I read, write websites, I might play a little Sim City 4 from time to time. I like to talk to my wife and my daughter. As for television, though I generally loathed the damned box, I do enjoy a little Star Trek TNG, and House M.D. from time to time, in addition to the occasional movie with my wife.

My wife and I are dolphi-holics. We LOVE dolphins! It's my personal opinion (and I assume she shares it) that dolphins are very special. We enjoy stopping at the Indianapolis Zoo to visit our dolphin friends when we're in town, and are looking forward to a Florida trip eventually to meet dolphins up close! Our three vehicles have dolphin names, my wife's car is named "Dolphin Tales", my car is named "Jax" (after one of the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo) and our old truck is named "The Orca".

Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome to explore the pages to the left. If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, be sure to shout out! You won't find me on that abomination better known as facebook, or any other site.